Just finished reading the gripping novel LAST MAN OFF  by Matt Lewis. This is the true story of disaster and survival on the Antarctic Seas. Few crews are brave enough to risk their lives fishing in the depths of the Southern Ocean.  The conditions are well-known to be brutal and treacherous at the best of times. What these fishermen didn’t expect was to have to leap for their lives into flimsy liferafts, tossed by the enormous swells of the freezing sea, when their boat sinks beneath them. With no radio and miles from land their chances of survival are less than slim. In 1998 the Sudur Havid was that tragic ship; the author, Matt Lewis, was one of the crewmen. As with a great deal of disastrous events, mistakes were made. Human error once more proved costly.

An absorbing and stimulating read.

During and after a career in the Foreign Exchange Market I performed stand-up musical comedy to sporting and corporate audiences. Pegasus published my first book in 2016, a crime thriller, Reasonable Force. My second book, Apple Insider, published on 22nd Feb 2018 is the informative and humorous account of my 3 mth stay in New York City.

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