The Hit by David Baldacci

I have just finished reading The Hit by David Baldacci. The brilliant plotting, unexpected turns, thrills and vicious spills elevates this crime thriller to ‘unputdownable’ level.

Amongst the inner circle of duplicitous government assassins lurks a suspected rogue operator. Ace assassin Will Robie is given his next hit – he is tasked with killing one of his own, Jessica Reel, who’s leaving a trail of death in her wake. Has she been turned against her employers, the nation’s secret intelligence service, or are there other reasons for her sudden nefarious actions?

Surprises shoot the reader between the eyes from the first pages and tension builds as affinity sways back and forth between the uncompromising, hard-core assassins Robie and Reel.

This is 574 pages of eyebrow-raising excitement.

During and after a career in the Foreign Exchange Market I performed stand-up musical comedy to sporting and corporate audiences. Pegasus published my first book in 2016, a crime thriller, Reasonable Force. My second book, Apple Insider, published on 22nd Feb 2018 is the informative and humorous account of my 3 mth stay in New York City.

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