Guardian article. ‘I never really believed mum was dead’

I was approached a few weeks back by The Guardian to write an article on a certain difficult aspect of my childhood, with the promise to mention my crime thriller Reasonable Force. It was published in the Guardian Family Magazine on Sat 2nd Jan 2016. I have been astounded by the warm response I have received from this article and the enormous amount of replies from people that have been through similar experiences who felt the need to relate them to me in return. Although returning to those memories was not an easy assignment, the result was unexpectedly rewarding and more than worth it. The article can be read online at:

During and after a career in the Foreign Exchange Market I performed stand-up musical comedy to sporting and corporate audiences. Pegasus published my first book in 2016, a crime thriller, Reasonable Force. My second book, Apple Insider, published on 22nd Feb 2018 is the informative and humorous account of my 3 mth stay in New York City.

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