Music to my Ears

I play, write, and sing songs and love to listen to music. Just sometimes I’d like to choose where and when!


Music To My Ears


I wake up every morning with a singer in my bed

They could be male or female. They may be alive or dead

It’s Not Unusual to say

Tom Jones at times has passed my way

And even though he’s had his day

His songs still fill my head


Standing in the shower or putting on my clothes

A new refrain invades my brain – round and round it goes

Country music, pop or soul

Simply Red or Nat King Cole

I’ve absolutely no control

From where they come? Who knows?


Adele is Chasing Pavements when I hurry down the road

An unproductive pastime if the honest truth be known

James Taylor turned up last weekend

Reminding me I’ve Got a Friend

Will these intrusions never end

To change the Status Quo


Britney, Rod and Elton all penetrate my brain

I think I’m going Gaga. I cannot stand the strain

I have to say just Yesterday

All the Beatles came to play

They Pleased themselves! Then went away

Help! I’ve gone insane.

C T Sullivan

During and after a career in the Foreign Exchange Market I performed stand-up musical comedy to sporting and corporate audiences. Pegasus published my first book in 2016, a crime thriller, Reasonable Force. My second book, Apple Insider, published on 22nd Feb 2018 is the informative and humorous account of my 3 mth stay in New York City.

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