#Poetry to make u #smile

I heard about this form of culinary correction on the radio. I needed to know more! Apparently, size doesn’t matter but rhythm does?



Dinner Monitor

A magic fork. The latest scoop, they say, to fight the flab

Getting thinner whilst eating dinner? I must give it a stab

Hoovering grub from off your plate

Will make the implement vibrate

A flash of light will tell you straight

Stop eating like a pig.


Sitting down to nosh a meal will never be the same

If every day we have to play this can I can’t I game

I can see the headlines blaze

‘Change your gobbling wobbly ways’

‘Make dinner parties last for days!’

Slow down and be a twig


Clever things, these tell-tale tines. They’ve really made me think:

How about a ‘gotcha’ glass that screams each time you drink?

To keep you sober all your life

You’d get abuse from this device

Make a nice change from the wife!

No booze? No fun? No fear!


And how about if they adapt this tool for bed romance

A lover’s gauge for every age, hidden in your pants

When to turn the lights down low

When to stop and when to go

Not too fast and not too slow

Now, there’s a great idea!


By C T Sullivan

During and after a career in the Foreign Exchange Market I performed stand-up musical comedy to sporting and corporate audiences. Pegasus published my first book in 2016, a crime thriller, Reasonable Force. My second book, Apple Insider, published on 22nd Feb 2018 is the informative and humorous account of my 3 mth stay in New York City.

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