Optimized-cs025C T Sullivan was born in the East End of London. His parents moved in to a council flat opposite Wimbledon Common a year later. Aged nine, the sudden death of his mother initiated his interest in writing poems, short stories and songs. He attended Sir Walter St John’s Grammar School in Battersea where his interests were more sporty than academic.

A twenty-five year career as a foreign exchange broker in the City was followed by spells as a lorry driver, landscape gardener, pub singer, film extra and stand-up musical comedy performer whilst learning his craft as an author.

He self-published his first book, an autobiography entitled Broad Soldiers, with the help of Lulu in 2006. In 2015 Pegasus published his first novel, crime thriller Reasonable Force. Apple insider (Pegasus), an informative and humorous account of his 3 month stay in New York, had its birth on 20th Feb 2018. His other main interests are poetry, football, golf, music and painting, oh and laughing.